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Do you have questions about any items? Would like to inquire about an order? It would be a pleasure to hear from you! Please enter the fields below with your comments. This site and form is for professional inquiries only.

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Thank you for contacting Sanford Williams!

Scheduling an interview at Yuquot?...

Ahtsik-sta is only available in Yuquot each year for 4-8 selected weeks in the summer.  To inquire about the dates for each calendar year, please use the form (above) for more information.

A 50% non-refundable deposit is required on all items. Full payment is required before an item is released.

For a quote, or to inquire about pricing, please use the contact form

Accepted Methods of Payment (Cdn funds):
E-mail Transfer • Cheque & Money Order
 • Credit Card • Wire Transfer •
Cash (in person only)

Clients are responsible for pick up of their orders.

If a pick-up cannot be arranged, shipping and handling fees will be added to the order's total, including payment for all items created or purchased for packing and protection.  

For security reasons, we do not send items COD (collect-on-delivery).

If you have an account with/or require specific courier services more than 10 km away from Ahtsik-sta's shop, travel expenses will be added to the cost.  Note that the nearest metro area for using outlets such as UPS and FedEx are located in Chilliwack, BC and require prepayment before sending.  (You may contact these outlets to establish an account for prepayment.)

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