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"Optimism" ~ Donation to the 2018 Charity Box Event at Lattimer Gallery

I was moved by the story of J50 this past year – a starving, young killer whale that eventually disappeared, presumed to have died from the illness that kept her malnourished.

The orca is an important animal in our Mowachaht culture, representing unity in numbers, family values, kindness, and intelligence. It’s no wonder so many people request that their spirit return to the form of a killer whale – just like our Chief Ambrose Maquinna did in 2001, when young “Luna” appeared to our people just a few days after our chief’s death.

As someone who lives on the Nootka Sound waters, I have an affinity for the killer whale. I want them to thrive again, hoping that their numbers will increase. I carved this piece with optimism – believing that one day our waters will again see an abundance of these majestic creatures.

I named this piece "Optimism" because of my hopeful feeling that the orcas' numbers will thrive again. The box is yellow cedar, approximately 3x3", with three 10" dorsal fin add-ons, and eight Yuquot operculum shells.

"Optimism" has been donated to the Lattimer Gallery's 2018 Charity Box Event, an annual auction that raises money for the Urban Native Youth Association in Vancouver, BC. The online silent auction begins in mid-November.

For inquiries about how to bid on my piece and others during the event, please contact Lattimer Gallery directly:

Lattimer Gallery Email:

Lattimer Gallery Phone: +1 604 732 4556

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